What does a LED driver look like? Feb 09
The LED drive is powered by one or more LED lamps and converts the electricity to the current and voltage suitable for driving LED. The main function of the LED drive is to provide stable power for LED and ensure its normal work.

The appearance of the LED drive can vary from different models and manufacturers, but usually has basic functional components. The shell is usually made of plastic or metal, which can protect the safety of the components. LED drives usually have ports used to receive power input. There is also one or more output ports for connecting to LED lamps and dimming control modules. Light control can be achieved to connect to the lighting device or the dimmoragm module

High efficiency LED drives

When selecting the dimmable LED driver, you should select the appropriate LED Power Supply according to the required power, current and voltage parameters, as well as certification and application scenarios.

DM's new DSD series CCT & Triac/0 10V Dimmable LED driver itself as a wiring box for the power supply. The aluminum shell design can provide stable protection for the LED power supply. There are fine -tuning voltage function knobs, which can compensate for light decay for the lamp. It also has the function of 0 10V dual signal lighting, which can be used in high -end hotels in villas.

CCT & Triac/0 10V Dimmable LED driver

DM is committed to providing high -quality, high -performance High efficiency LED drives to meet customers' requirements for light quality, energy efficiency and reliability. At the same time, we provide professional technical support and high -quality after -sales service to ensure that users have a better experience and satisfaction during use

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