• Why do lights flicker when dimmer is all the way up?
    Mar 09, 2024 Why do lights flicker when dimmer is all the way up?
    There are a number of reasons why your lights may flicker when the dimmer is set to the highest setting.   It is usually caused by the dimmer. Different lamps may require specific types of dimmers for adjustment. If the lamp does not match or is not compatible with the LED dimmer, the light will not remain stable at the highest brightness, resulting in flickering. with fluctuations  Ther...
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  • How do dimmable led drivers work?
    Mar 01, 2024 How do dimmable led drivers work?
    Dimmable LED drivers usually have multiple dimming methods. A common way is to use a single voltage dimming (1-10V dimming) to change the brightness of the lamp through analog voltage signal control. Two signal lines need to be configured, one is 0V and the other is 10V. This method is widely used. Used in architectural lighting systems. PWM dimming PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming technology ...
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  • Can all LED drivers be dimmed?
    Feb 17, 2024 Can all LED drivers be dimmed?
    Not all LED drivers can be shown in. Dimming is a module function that some LED drivers have. After connecting the lighting module, the user can adjust the brightness or color adjustment of the lamp, and it is usually used with an LED lightweight or a control panel. The LED dimming function has light and release in lighting applications. It can not only help users adjust the intensity of ligh...
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  • What does a LED driver look like?
    Feb 09, 2024 What does a LED driver look like?
    The LED drive is powered by one or more LED lamps and converts the electricity to the current and voltage suitable for driving LED. The main function of the LED drive is to provide stable power for LED and ensure its normal work. The appearance of the LED drive can vary from different models and manufacturers, but usually has basic functional components. The shell is usually made of plastic or met...
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  • Do I need a dimmable LED driver?
    Dec 08, 2023 Do I need a dimmable LED driver?
    When users choose LED lighting equipment, an important decision is whether to use a dimmable LED driver. Below we discuss the advantages of dimmable LED drivers to help you make an informed choice. 1. Flexibility: Dimmable LED drivers provide flexible adjustment options for light brightness. The brightness adjustment function can adjust the brightness of the light according to the user's own needs...
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