How do dimmable led drivers work? Mar 01

Dimmable LED drivers usually have multiple dimming methods. A common way is to use a single voltage dimming (1-10V dimming) to change the brightness of the lamp through analog voltage signal control. Two signal lines need to be configured, one is 0V and the other is 10V. This method is widely used. Used in architectural lighting systems.

5 in 1 dimmable led driver

PWM dimming PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming technology is a widely used dimming method. Generally, the brightness of LED is proportional to the duty cycle. The digital pulse is changed within a cycle to repeatedly switch the LED drive power on and off. The output current is changed by changing the duty cycle to adjust the brightness of the LED. The advantages of PWM dimming technology are high efficiency, high precision, simple application, and can provide high-quality white light. The disadvantage of PWM dimming technology is that it easily causes the LED driving power supply to produce noise that is audible to the human ear.

There is also a dimmable method called triac dimmable. Traic dimming technology includes two methods: voltage detection and phase detection. Both methods need to detect the voltage value after rectification. The difference is that voltage detection detects the effective value of the input voltage, and phase detection detects the phase point at which the dimmer is triggered, and then converts it into a voltage signal to control the output.

DM's new product DSD series 5 in 1 dimmable led driver can perfectly integrate the above dimmable methods into one led driver, allowing the led lamps to adjust brightness and color to adapt to the lighting needs of different users.

5 in 1 dimmable led driver

This DSD series constant voltage LED driver 60W has a built-in fine-tuning voltage function knob to compensate for light attenuation of the lamp. It has 0 10v dual signal dimming and color adjustment. One signal is responsible for dimming, and the other signal is responsible for color temperature adjustment. Can provide users with more convenient and efficient dimming effects

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